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We’re Australia’s leading virtual assistant agency that specialises in helping business owners create more freedom and build their dream business. We free up time and increase the profit margins by working with our virtual assistants in the Philippines.

Meet our Managing Director, Damien.

With only 2 years of experience, he was able to scale his previous business to 6 figures in 5 months while also working full time. In 2020 he decided to quit his job and make the business his priority. 

Systemising and optimising his workflows, he was able to hit his first $100K month while only working 1-2 hours per day.

He is a business development and strategy guru on a mission to create awareness for other business owners about how they can optimise their business so they too can maximise revenue while only working a few hours a day.

Damien Svarcas
Managing Director and Co-Founder

Meet our Director and Chief Happiness Officer, Taylor.

Taylor started a social media marketing agency after completing her bachelor’s degree in communications and advertising. Since then she has also co-founded a successful 6 figure video production/digital marketing agency and is now onto her third agency with Outsource Monkey.

She’s the extroverted people person every business needs. With experience in graphic design, video editing, podcast production, digital marketing and the commercial radio industry, she’s now on a mission to empower business owners to create their dream business and freedom lifestyle.

Taylor Peart
CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) and Co-Founder)

Our Story

It all started in a basement…

Outsource Monkey was born on a cold Winter’s evening after Damien had spent MONTHS trying to think of a business model that would give him more time freedom. 

Taylor had just introduced Damien to Virtual Assistants so that he could go from working 10-12 hrs days doing admin in his guttering business, to working 1-2 hr days. 

The ‘Ah Ha’ moment was when Damien realised that he has the perfect business model sitting right under his nose.

And so, Outsource Monkey Was Born!

All he needed to do was help pair other business owners with Virtual Assistants in the Philippines so that they could gain more time + financial freedom in their businesses.

It would be helping other business owners PLUS let him start a business that was much less time intensive  and give him the freedom he desired!

Damien asked Taylor to join him on this new venture because of her years of experience working with VA’s in the online digital marketing space. 

With her knowledge + Damiens skills in scaling businesses to 6 figures, they truly make the perfect team! (Yes we might be slightly bias haha)

Taylor and Damien have been able to move from the cold basement in Canberra, to the sunny Gold Coast and are living in a dream apartment.

Within the first 6 months, we have built a team of 20 virtual assistants and we have more people joining every week!

Client success stories


I absolutely love my Outsource Monkey Virtual Assistant. She helps me to run my social media accounts, she does direct outreach to other businesses through socials, helps with answering emails and also placing orders with our manufacturers. These are all the tasks that I don’t like doing so its great that she takes them off my plate. As the size of my business grows bigger than I could have ever imagined, I have peace of mind that I get to focus on what I do best, which is making sales and focusing on business development. Outsource Monkey gives me an affordable virtual assistant to focus on the rest!

Karen Porter

Solace Creations

My Outsource Monkey virtual assistant is a pivotal part of my company. He helps me with invoicing, ordering parts, social media management, and outreach. This saves me a huge amount of time and money. I would highly recommend getting an Outsource Monkey VA to support you with your business.

Ash Carter

New Level Landscapes

My whole experience with Outsource Monkey has been great. Onboarding was a breeze, they took care of training my VA for me and now I have someone on my team to do all of the tedious tasks so I can focus on what I do best. Thank you so much to everyone at the Outsource Monkey team, you guys are amazing.

Joel Smith

One Landscape

Very stoked with the service Outsource Monkey provides - the team are exceptional in their roles and are all valued members of the RawPro. team. Love how easy the initial setup is and the ongoing communication is great!